By Aliya Leigh

By Aliya Leigh
Twitter: @aliyaleigh

Shadow Creatures


Now, my life is so different. I am more alone the ever, like I'm in a deep hole falling and falling without any sight of help to break my fall. My mind is hollow and I can't think.

It has been two weeks since THAT night, I found out the history and the curse of my race.  THAT night, I told my best friend to never talk to me again. THAT night, I saw my grandmother in her true form. THAT night!

Now, it's two weeks later and I still can't get my grandmother's image out of my head, Fire lives with my family but I can't trust her and I don't know why, Eric is a stranger and Simon Peter lost my respect.  What am I suppose to do now?

One Fire's first day of school, every boy wanted her. I can't blame them.  She has long silky black hair that bounce with each step she makes, her body is thin with a great super model type built, her legs are long and can flex like the gymnast, her breast are perfect and can make the boys' mouth water with anxiety, and she acts like a star on the red carpet when she enters a room.  She is perfect in every way and a dream to all the boys and men in the school.

When she speaks, it's like a love song to all of her admires and then they melt in her presence as if she is a Goddess of Love and Passion.  She's the new IT girl in the school and I am still a strange goth dork who the kids talk about.

In the lunch room, I am sitting at my table eating alone as usual, but now I wish K had lunch with me. I still can't stand her, but at lest I'm not eating alone like a loser goth with an anti-social life.
Fire enters the lunch room and there is dead silence - all eyes are on her. With a little slow-moving head back and forth, her hair flows as the boys melt and are at attention.  She's like the Queen.  The boys offer to walk her to her royal table and carries her books - remember a Queen never carries her own books.  They even fight over who should get and prepare her royal meal.

The kids at the school stare at her as if she's the Mona Lisa and honor her as a rare master piece.
She looks at me and waves, but I turn my head.

What's wrong with me? She was my best friend, but now I can't allow her to enter my life.
If you think school is bad, living with the Royal Queen Fire is worse.